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Brokerage Deals and Bonuses in October 2021: Earn Free Cash and Stock

Get more cash to build wealth with these top brokerage deals and promotions.

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BrokerageBrokerage Bonus OfferBonus Trigger
Tastyworks100 shares of a stock or 10 optionsAccount opening and $2,000 in funding
Nvstr$10-$1,000Account opening, one trade within a month, hold funds for one year
TD Ameritrade$350-$2,500Account opening and deposit minimum
SoFi Invest$75Account opening and deposit minimum
M1 Finance$250-$2,500Account opening and minimum balance maintained
Stash$5Account opening and deposit minimum
Betterment1-12 months of free portfolio managementAccount opening and deposit minimum
BlockFi$15-$250 free BitcoinAccount opening and deposit minimum
Ally Invest$100-$3,000Account opening and deposit minimum
Robinhood$3-$225 worth of free stockAccount opening
Webull2 free stocks valued up to $2,300Account opening and deposit minimum
Charles Schwab$100-$500Account opening and deposit minimum
Tradestation$50-$5,000Account opening and deposit minimum
Citi Personal Wealth Management$500-$3,500Account opening, funding, enrolling in e-statements and keeping the funds for three months

If you’re unsure how to choose between this list of brokerage bonuses, these deciding factors on an investment brokerage will show you what to look for in a new account.

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Best Brokerage Account Bonuses in October 2021

Building an investment portfolio can take time, but some top brokerage firms can help you with promotions, deals, referral bonuses and sign-up bonuses. Brokerage bonuses and promotions vary depending on the institution, but brokers may offer to deposit a cash bonus into your account, give you free stock or provide fee-free investing for a set period.

If you’re looking for a new brokerage to help manage your portfolio, or if you’re a beginner investor who is excited to get started, check out these brokerage bonus offers.

TD Ameritrade Bonus: $350-$2,500

td ameritrade screenshot

TD Ameritrade claims to be among the largest brokerages in the U.S., and its website says it provides a platform for all kinds of investors, offering educational resources and tools.

Furthermore, TD Ameritrade doesn’t charge commissions on online trades of stocks, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Investors who sign up for a new brokerage or retirement account and meet certain deposit minimums, could qualify for a one-time bonus of up to $2,500. Here’s a breakdown of the offer:

  • Deposit $250,000- $499,999 and receive $350
  • Deposit $500,000- $999,999 and receive $700
  • Deposit $1,000,000-$1,999,999 and receive $1,500
  • Deposit $2,000,000 or more and receive $2,500

TD Ameritrade offers commission-free trading on stocks, mutual funds and other securities

Read our full review of the TD Ameritrade bonus, and use TD Ameritrade offer codes to find the discounts and lower your fees.

SoFi Active Invest Bonus: $75 Promo for New Accounts

sofi invest screenshot

SoFi Invest is a relatively new discount broker that has only been around since 2017.

SoFi Invest provides different options for investors, including active investing, an automated robo-advisor, retirement accounts, cryptocurrency and even fractional shares. If you’re looking for a new broker or you simply want to test SoFi Invest out and compare it to what you have now, you can earn an exclusive SoFi Active Invest bonus of $75 when you open a new account and fund it with $125 or more.

There are a few hoops you’ll need to jump through to be eligible for the $75 SoFi bonus through Slickdeals, so be sure to read these detailed instructions.

M1 Finance Bonus: $250-$2,500

m1 finance screenshot

If you’re looking for an online stock broker that provides both investing and banking services, M1 Finance may be an option. With a $100 minimum opening investment, you can open an account and start trading various securities, including fractional shares, which allow you to purchase portions of shares in publicly-traded companies. Plus, as an added benefit, the platform offers free trades.

New clients may qualify for M1 Finance’s introductory transfer bonus, which offers up to $2,500 when you transfer your investments from another brokerage account within 60 days. Here’s how the tiered bonus works:

  • Transfer $100,000 – $249,999.99 and earn $250
  • Transfer $250,000 – $499,999.99 and earn $500
  • Transfer $500,000 – $999,999.99 and earn $1,000
  • Transfer $1,000,000 or more and earn $2,500

While M1 doesn’t offer a cash bonus for opening a new account, the brokerage offers features such as DIY investing and checking privileges, and if you sign up for the broker’s premium account, M1 Plus, you can earn cash-back rewards for everyday spending, as well the ability to borrow on margin and commission-free trading for both morning and afternoon trade windows.

Read our full review of the M1 Finance bonus.

Stash Bonus: $5 Slickdeals Bonus

Slick Tip: Use this Slickdeals affiliate link to automatically receive your $5 bonus offer to invest.
stash screenshot

If you’re relatively new to investing, meeting high deposit minimums may not be an option. With Stash Invest, though, you can get a bonus of $5 after you open a Stash investment account and deposit $5 or more in new funds. While it may be a modest incentive, it is a dollar-for-dollar match on your first $5 deposit.

That $5 Stash sign-up bonus can be among your first dollars to invest with Stash, and you can use it to trade stocks, including fractional shares and ETFs.

Stash also offers a stock-back rewards program with its checking account, which means that you can earn rewards in the form of stocks when you make qualifying purchases with your Stash debit card.

Just keep in mind that there’s a monthly fee that ranges from $1 to $9, depending on which features you want and how much you want to earn in stock-back rewards. However, like many online stock brokers, Stash offers free trades which can help you to recover the cost of monthly fees.

Read our in-depth Stash bonus review.

Betterment Bonus: 1-12 Months Free Portfolio Management

betterment screenshot

One of the pioneers of robo-advising, Betterment offers the chance to invest and bank all under one roof. On the investing side of things, the brokerage firm uses algorithms to manage your portfolio for you in exchange for a 0.25% annual fee. You can also upgrade to a premium plan with access to certified financial planners and advice for investments outside of Betterment for a 0.40% annual fee.

You don’t need a minimum deposit amount for the basic program, but there is a $100,000 minimum to become a premium customer.

Instead of offering a cash bonus offer to new customers, Betterment will manage your portfolio for free for up to 12 months if you open an account through one of its partners. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Deposit $15,000 – $99,999 and get one month free
  • Deposit $100,000 – $249,999 and get six months free
  • Deposit $250,000 or more and get 12 months free

For smaller investments, getting just one month for free may not amount to much. But it can give you some time to test drive the platform and decide whether a robo-advisor is right for you.

BlockFi Bonus: $15 – $250 in Free Bitcoin

Slick Tip: Use this link and automatically earn your bonus after direct depositing the eligible bonus amount (see below).

blockfi screenshot

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new investment option, and, according to its website, BlockFi is taking steps to allow investors to take advantage of the emerging crypto market.

You can use the BlockFi’s platform to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies, earn interest on your investment and even use your cryptocurrency as collateral to borrow money.

BlockFi is currently running a new Block Interest Account (BIA) promotion. Fund your new Block Interest Account with new money and maintain a balance of $100 or more to earn a one-time Bitcoin bonus between $15 and $250. You must be a new BlockFi customer to qualify for this bonus.

TierBalance MaintainedBTC Payout
Tier 1$100-$1,499$15 BTC
Tier 2$1,500-$19,999$20 BTC
Tier 3$20,000-$39,999$40 BTC
Tier 4$40,000-$74,999$75 BTC
Tier 5$75,000-$99,999$100 BTC
Tier 6$100,000 or more$250 BTC

BlockFi claims its Interest Account lets clients put their crypto to work and earn monthly interest payments in the asset-type deposited into their accounts.

BlockFi Bonus Fine Print

New BlockFi clients who sign up with this referral link and fund their account during the promotion period are eligible to receive a tiered bonus paid in BTC. To be eligible for the promotion, this must be your first-ever deposit in the BlockFi Interest Account, and you must maintain a $100 or more crypto balance through the 14th of the month, two and a half months from the month of eligibility in order to remain eligible.

For example, if you fund an account before September 14, then you must maintain a balance until December 14 to be eligible for this BlockFi bonus.

Eligible payouts occur on or before the second Friday of every month on a rolling basis. The bonus will be paid in BTC based on the prevailing market price at the time of payment.

BlockFi Referral Bonuses

Once you’ve become a BlockFi customer, you are eligible for its referral program which provides referral links for you to share. For every person that signs up using your BlockFi referral code and deposits $100 or more into their BlockFi Interest Account, you and that friend will each earn $10 in free BTC.

You can obtain a BlockFi referral links by visiting the Refer-a-Friend landing page. Similarly, new promotions and past promotions are listed here on the BlockFi promotions page.

Ally Invest Bonus: $100 – $3,000 

ally invest screenshot

Ally Invest is an online-only bank that offers a variety of banking, lending and wealth management services. It also offers a brokerage bonus for new investing customers.

If you open an Ally Self-Invest account and fund it with a certain amount, within the first 60 days of account opening, you can receive up to $3,000.

Here’s how the Ally Invest tiers work, based on deposits:

  • Deposit $10,000 – $24,999 and receive $100
  • Deposit $25,000 – $99,999 and receive $250
  • Deposit $100,000 – $249,999 and receive $300
  • Deposit $250,000 – $499,999 and receive $600
  • Deposit $500,000 – $999,999 and receive $1,200
  • Deposit $1,000,000 – $1,999,999 and receive $2,000
  • Deposit $2,000,000 or more and receive $3,000

Ally Invest features commission-free trades on eligible U.S exchange-listed stock, ETF and option trades. In fact, at $0.50 per contract, Ally Invest offers low-cost fees for option trades and a wide selection of ETFs from Vanguard, GlobalX, iShares and more.

Ally Invest offers high-yield ETFs from market leaders that may complement your portfolio and help diversify your investing strategy.

Robinhood Bonus: $3 – $225 Worth of Free Stock

robinhood screenshot

Robinhood helped pioneer the mobile investing movement, as well as commission-free trades. The commission-free platform allows you to trade stocks (fractional shares included), options, cryptocurrencies and ETFs, and there’s no minimum opening investment to get started.

What’s more, the Robinhood bonus is earned by opening a new account and then linking your bank account. Afterwards, you’ll receive a free stock worth between $3 and $225.

According to Robinhood, there is about a 98% chance of the stock bonus having a value of $3-$10.00. Also, keep in mind that when this promotion is combined with the value received from other offers from Robinhood in the current calendar year, it may not exceed $500 per household.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that Robinhood doesn’t offer retirement accounts. So you may want to consider another option if you’re hoping to open one of those.

Webull Bonus: Up to $2,300 in Free Stocks

webull screenshot

Another great mobile-first trading platform, Webull offers the chance to invest in stocks, ETFs and options (though you can’t trade fractional shares).

Also, like Robinhood, Webull doesn’t require a minimum deposit to earn its welcome offer of free stocks. You can receive up to $2,300 in two free stocks when you open an account with Webull and fund it with $100 or more.

According to its website, the broker also offers several ways to earn more free stock, including referral links and other ongoing promotions.

In addition to offering free trades, Webull says its developed technical research to help its investors and others who want to learn about investing.

Charles Schwab: $100-$500

charles schwab screenshot

Like TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab claims to be among the largest brokers in the U.S., and says it offers a range of investment options, resources, tools and other features.

To qualify for Charles Schwab’s introductory bonus of up to $500, you need to know an existing Charles Schwab customer who can refer you to open a new account. Then deposit at least $1,000 within 45 days to earn money.

Here’s what you can earn based on how much you deposit:

  • Deposit $1,000 – $24,999 and receive $100
  • Deposit $25,000 – $49,999 and receive $200
  • Deposit $50,000 – $99,999 and receive $300
  • Deposit $100,000 or more and receive $500

Nvstr: $10 to $1,000 Cash Bonus

nvstr screenshot

Nvstr is a relatively new brokerage firm, starting in 2015, and it claims to offer investors a chance to collaborate with each other on the platform and potentially make better investment decisions.

Nvstr is also offering a cash brokerage bonus worth up to $1,000 to new account holders. There are a few requirements you’ll need to meet. In addition to opening an account, you’ll need to make at least one trade in the first month. What’s more, you can’t withdraw funds within the first year, which can be a deal-breaker for people who want access to that cash.

Finally, you may be required to link a valid bank account to Nvstr. The reward is chosen at random, but, according to its website, you’re most likely going to receive $20 or less. Here’s the probability Nvstr provides for each possibility:

  • 34.94% chance of receiving $10
  • 40% chance of receiving $10.50
  • 15% chance of receiving $11
  • 5% chance of receiving $12
  • 5% chance of receiving $20
  • 0.04% chance of receiving $500
  • 0.02% chance of receiving $1,000

Nvstr says it’s a limited-time offer, but there’s no concrete deadline to sign up.

Citi Personal Wealth Management: $500-$3,500 in Cash

citi wealth management screenshot

Citi Personal Wealth Management offers new customers a brokerage bonus between $500 and $3,500, depending on how much you fund your account within the first two months:

  • Deposit $50,000 – $199,999 and earn $500
  • Deposit $200,000 – $499,999 and earn $1,000
  • Deposit $500,000 – $999,999 and earn $1,500
  • Deposit $1,000,000 – $1,199,999 and earn $2,500
  • Deposit $2,000,000 or more and earn $3,500

Keep in mind that the funds must be new to Citi, which means you can’t transfer the money from a Citi bank account.

You’ll also need to enroll in e-statements within the first two months of account opening and maintain your new funding through the end of the third month.


tastyworks screenshot

Like Nvstr, Tastyworks was founded in 2015 and it claims to focus on empowering investors to do their own trading.

Tastyworks also offers a new account bonus, giving investors 100 shares of a select stock or 10 options. This brokerage bonus requires you to open an account, meet certain requirements and use the referral code STOCK_AWARD_21.

Once your account is open, you’ll need to fund it with at least $2,000 and keep it there for three months from the date you receive your shares or options. You’ll be able to choose whether you want to receive the stock or option, but if you don’t, the default is options.

According to Tastyworks, stocks are randomly selected, and they’ll be worth between $1 and $6, which means if you choose the stocks, you can get between $100 and $600 in value. The average value, according to Tastyworks, is $200-$220, which is solid.

Here’s what your odds are:

  • 70% chance of receiving a stock worth under $2 per share
  • 30% chance of receiving a stock worth over $2 per share

If you choose options, they’ll be randomly selected based on the price of 10 long calls or 10 long puts. The options will have an expiration of 15 to 25 days, on average.

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Past Brokerage Bonuses

Perhaps you recently signed up for one of these best brokerage bonuses or you are comparing other current and historical bank bonuses. Regardless, we’ve archived the details for some of the most-popular brokerage promos for research purposes.

E-Trade Brokerage and Retirement Accounts: $25 – $2,500 (Expired: February 2021)

If you’re new to E-Trade, you could earn up to $2,500 with the online broker’s welcome bonus. To qualify, open a new eligible retirement or brokerage account using the promo code WINTER21 and make your qualifying deposit within 60 days with new funds. There are several different tiers, making it more accessible for investors of all kinds:

  • Deposit $5,000–$9,999 and receive $50
  • Deposit $10,000–$19,999 and receive $100
  • Deposit $20,000–$24,999 and receive $150
  • Deposit $25,000–$99,999 and receive $200
  • Deposit $100,000–$249,999 and receive $300
  • Deposit $250,000–$499,999 and receive $600
  • Deposit $500,000–$999,999 and receive $1,200
  • Deposit $1,000,000+ and receive $2,500

Once you meet the requirements, you’ll receive your cash bonus within seven business days. The offer is valid on new accounts opened by February 28, 2021, but you’ll have 60 days after that deadline to meet your deposit requirement. You also need to maintain the funds in the account (minus any trading losses you incur) for 12 months.

Merrill Edge Self-Directed Account Bonus: $100 – $600 (Expired: February 2021)

Merrill Edge, a Bank of America company, is offering new account holders a cash bonus of up to $600 if they open a new account and meet certain deposit requirements. When you open a Merrill Edge Self-Directed account, use the offer code 600ME and deposit enough to meet one of the following tiers:

  • Deposit $20,000 – $49,999.99 and receive $100
  • Deposit $50,000 – $99,999.99 and receive $150
  • Deposit $100,000 – $199,999.99 and receive $250
  • Deposit $200,000+ and receive $600

To earn the cash bonus, you’ll need to make your qualifying deposit of new funds within 45 days of opening your account, then keep it in the account for 90 days after that.

And remember, the sign-up bonus only works for Merrill Edge Self-Directed accounts, which is where you manage your own portfolio. If you open a Guided Investing account with a professional manager, you’ll be ineligible for the promotion. Merrill Edge’s bonus is more accessible than many other broker bonuses, but still requires a good amount of cash to get the minimum amount.

While we work hard on our research, we do not always provide a complete listing of all available offers from credit-card companies and banks. And because offers can change, we cannot guarantee that our information will always be up to date, so we encourage you to verify all the terms and conditions of any financial product before you apply.

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