Slickdeals Points pr Cash Calculator How The Points or Cash Calculator Works

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    Entering your Information

    Select your rewards program from the drop-down menu. Enter the amount you’ll spend with cash only for your purchase. Then, enter the amount you’ll spend with points only for your purchase. Finally, enter any cash fees or taxes if applicable.

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    Reading your Results

    The results includes our recommendation for whether you should pay with points or cash for your purchase depending on the value of your points and current cost of the travel or vacation your paying for.

How to Find a Rewards Credit Card

Looking for a rewards credit card to fit your lifestyle? We suggest taking a look at our roundup of the best rewards credit cards. From here you’ll be able to compare the best rewards credit cards and view their details and information including; individual reviews, pros and cons, plus any special offers.

More Information on Earning Points & Miles

Get The Most Bang for Your Buck with Rewards

Best Rewards Credit Cards

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