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Before you put in even more hours at your current job, know that a simpler way of making extra money might already be in your hands. That's right; your phone could be your new boss with the right money-making app. We've rounded up the best smartphone apps that can help you earn extra money fast for every personality and skill set.

Whether you love to write or have a closet that needs serious decluttering, we have found the ideal apps for you. None of these apps require individuals to have previous experience, but some might require background checks.

Best Apps to Clear Out Used Goods


If you have something weighing less than a pound and worth more than $20, consider selling it on eBay. It is easy to check if your items are worth listing on eBay by searching your item, then clicking "Advanced" on the right side of the search bar and selecting "Sold Items." 

eBay app


Sometimes clothes sell well on eBay, but many times, you can get more for used fashions with a Poshmark profile. Many sellers prefer Poshmark to eBay because it's a cinch to print and ship your sold items from home. Here's our list of six more online thrift stores you can buy and sell with.

Poshmark app

Best for Freelancers of All Types


The pay rate for freelance work ranges from below minimum wage to above-average rates. Upwork is definitely a mixed bag of clients and job opportunities. If you are skilled in writing, editing, videography, photography, speaking, tech or art, there are clients looking for you. The key to scoring well-paid work on Upwork is to make your profile as appealing as possible. Also, don't be afraid to take some quick, lower-paid gigs to boost your rating. 

Upwork app


Which easy task can you offer to others for $5 while being a stay-at-home worker? That is the whole concept behind Fiverr, though gigs can easily earn much more depending on the scope of the work. Take a look at what other gigs others have been offered on the app. You will be amazed that many are making easy money with beginner-friendly jobs like doing voiceovers, text translations and more.

Fiverr app

Best for Those Who Don't Mind Driving

We skipped the popular ride-sharing side-hustle options like the Uber app and Lyft app, but you can read our full Uber driving guide

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex: Amazon will pay you between $18-$25 per hour to deliver packages in your neighborhood. Your pay rate and level of open work will depend on your location. Reviewers agree that they love the job's flexibility, but it can feel stressful trying to arrange the perfect delivery route. 

Amazon Flex app
Amazon Flex


Hungry people can be the best tippers but also the pickiest of customers. The DoorDash app allows you to sign in and pick and choose which delivery options are best for your schedule and mileage. Many times, DoorDash offers a sign-up bonus, making it easier to start earning extra cash. 

DoorDash app


Instacart is yet another work when you want money mobile app. You can choose between working as a full-service shopper and delivery driver, which requires a car. Or you can work up to 29 hours per week as just a shopper for local stores and avoid adding extra mileage to your wheels. 


Best for Those Who Love Odd Jobs


Love dogs or cats? With Rover, you can earn extra money by walking dogs and pet-sitting in your free hours. Walk enough energetic dogs in a week, and you can also cut your monthly gym membership. The only downside to Rover is the app takes a 20% chunk of your pay as a fee.

Rover app


Depending on your location, you can have several quick, odd jobs at your fingertips. Many retail locations use Gigwalk to hire individuals for $3-$100 to take photos of stock or in-store locations, report inventory or check safety compliance. Work is flexible, but the gig is not worth your time if you have to drive several miles to make less than $10. 

Gigwalk app

Care has been a trusted hiring platform since 2007. You can choose between child care, senior care, pet care, tutoring and housekeeping jobs for extra cash. You set the rate and can vet who you work for. app

Best for Those Who Have Something to Rent Out


Have a pool sitting unused in your backyard? Put it to work earning passive income with Swimply! The app allows homeowners to rent out their pools for parties or leisurely swims. Of course, having a bunch of strangers pay you to take a dip can get legally complicated. This is why Swimply provides eligible hosts up to $1,000,000 of applicable insurance-backed coverage.

Swimply app


If you have a car that you rarely drive, Turo can help you make money off of it. You can offer your car for rent for $150-250 per day. This means you only have to rent out your vehicle five times a month to cover the average $700 car payment.

Turo app

Best Apps for Avid Shoppers


For the easiest way to earn cash rewards from your favorite online stores, shop with Slickdeals' cash-back browser extension. You can auto-apply promo codes and earn cash back on purchases that can be redeemed for PayPal credit, gift cards and more. Plus, make it a habit to search the deal forums before buying everyday essentials to save even more moolah!

Slickdeals app

Receipt Hog

Finally, your receipts have some value. Receipt Hog wants to know where you shop and what you buy by using receipt data for market research. Scanning your printed and online receipts is easy; the caveat is that the pay is low. You can earn 5-20 coins per receipt, depending on your spending. You can cash out 1,000 coins for $5 via your PayPal account. Reviewers warn to skip the additional surveys because they can waste time. Scanning old receipts take minimal time and effort, but don't expect to make more than pocket change with this app.

Receipt Hog app
Receipt Hog

Do Money-Making Apps Really Work?

Many different apps and websites make bold claims, like making $100 a day by playing games or taking simple surveys. Of course, legitimate money apps will not make you filthy rich while you chill on the sofa. However, they can help you earn a worthwhile side income to help you cover your ever-increasing gas bill or to have some extra spending money for the weekends. 

That being said, legitimate money-making apps work when you work. You don't need a shiny resume to earn income. However, having a polished profile and devoting quality time to your side gig through one of these apps will make a difference in your earning level.

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How to Make More Money Online Through Apps

DoorDash delivery driver

If you are wondering what apps make you a lot of money, it will always be the apps that require you to actually work. For example, Upwork opportunities can pay higher than micro-task Gigwalk apps because they will require more time and in some cases, more skill. The way some people talk about the popular money-making sites and apps can make it seem that all you have to do is sign up and the opportunities come flooding towards you. A little more effort is required on your part. 

1. Make a Good First Impression

Your online profile is the first thing everyone sees, and most people don't want to read through a bibliography before deciding to give you a chance. Quick first impressions are key. Make sure your online photo is clear, friendly and from the shoulders up. This tip also goes for any photos and listings of items. No one wants to buy your vintage baseball mitt if the photo isn't appealing. 

2. Go the Extra Mile

It's the little extra effort that can make your side business successful. Be the babysitter that brings fun games and puzzles. Deliver freelance work a little earlier than expected. 

3. Work During Popular Times

If your schedule is flexible, aim to use your app of choice during hot times. For apps like DoorDash, the company will pay you more for these busy times, and you will be able to snag more pickups during this busy window. Other apps might not advertise their busy times, but you can take a good guess. Babysitting will be more popular during weekend night hours and during afterschool hours. Amazon Flex will be flush with delivery options after Prime Day and during the holiday shopping rush. 

4. Read Tips from Other Workers

Articles are helpful, but I think the best advice comes from users themselves, like from Reddit. Whichever app you use, search for specific forums devoted to the app to instantly connect to others in the community. For example, r/RoverPetSitting has over 8,000 members and is active with questions and experience posts. 

5. Choose an App That Fits Your Lifestyle

Don't choose your app based on what you think is the highest-paying app. Instead, choose a side business that best fits your personality, skills and schedule. If you hate meeting new people, don't think that you'll instantly get over that as an Uber or Lyft driver. A side gig should be something you can enjoy doing and can do well.

How to Avoid Money App Scams

All of the money-making apps we reviewed are legitimate businesses with safety protections in place. However, that doesn't mean you will be immune to scams from other apps or individuals trying to scam you through a legit app's platform.

Here are some red flags to watch out for when using apps.

  • They are asking you to pay a fee to join
  • They reach out to you unsolicited
  • They ask to move the transaction off the platform.
  • You're having trouble getting paid
  • They are too pushy or there is an extreme sense of urgency — e.g. if you don't sign up within the next 15 minutes, you won't get your bonus
  • They ask for too many personal and financial details — you don't need to give out your banking credentials or credit card info to start making money on a legitimate app

When deciding if a different app is worth your time and effort, always keep the age-old mantra, "too good to be true," in mind. If an app or opportunity seems too good to be true, there is a good chance it is. Remember, there is no such thing as free money. If you are unsure about an app, do a Google search and read all of the reviews posted about the app.

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  • Legitimate money-making apps will not cost anything to join and use. These apps make their money when you make money. For example, when you sell an item on eBay, eBay takes a percentage of that sale. Of course, these apps have optional add-on costs like boosting your listing, but the main focus is that these costs are optional. 

  • Generally, reputable money-making apps are safe. That being said, you always need to use caution and common sense. If a potential client is making you feel uncomfortable or asking you to conduct business outside of the app, these should be your warning signs to avoid them. Be sure to report any suspicious behavior immediately. 

  • Each app has its own rules on how fast payment is processed, but popular apps like DoorDash and Instacart can pay the same day. 

  • The best app for making a lot of money is one you can frequently use. This will depend largely on your area and the local usage of that app. Letting people know you are hireable through certain apps on your personal social media page, like Care or Rover, can increase your chances of getting jobs. 


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