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Whether money is tight or you’re financially comfortable, it’s always important to be smart with the cash you earn. Spending less in one area frees you up financially to use your earnings on the things that matter most to you. (Hello savings accounts, debt elimination or even a fun family vacation!)

But let’s be honest. The actual process of cutting expenses can be time-consuming. Perhaps you have the best intentions about trimming the fat from your budget. Even so, finding the time to negotiate better rates with creditors and service providers or to cancel unwanted subscriptions can be challenging to fit into an already busy schedule.

The good news is that the best money-saving apps make it easier to stretch your hard-earned dollars. Check out these three smart services below that can help you lower bills, cancel unwanted subscriptions and even automate your savings.


Trim is a useful financial tool that can help you save money in multiple ways. With Trim you may be able to lower your phone, cable or internet bills up to 30%. Trim can also lower medical bills and search your bank and credit card accounts for recurring subscriptions. If you discover subscriptions you no longer need, Trim can even cancel them on your behalf.

The app comes with a free and premium version, so you may be able to take advantage of certain services without any added cost. However, Trim’s more attractive features do come with fees.

Trim Free Version

It’s free to sign up for a Trim account. With the free version of the service, you can enjoy subscription monitoring services, bill reminders and a no-cost debt calculator. Trim’s free account also offers to help you detect overdraft fees and lets you set up personalized spending alerts.

Trim starts new clients off with a free trial. However, once the trial version concludes, you can simply select the free option.

Trim Premium Version

Trim Premium costs $99 per year. Some of the features you can enjoy with the premium version of Trim include bill negotiations, credit card rate negotiations, subscription cancelation services, negotiations to get bank fees refunded and a high-yield savings account (with a 4% annual bonus on the first $2,000 in savings).

Other Trim Services

In addition to the free and premium versions mentioned above, Trim offers a few other services.

  • The Debt Payoff Program costs $10 per month. You can use the app to create a custom payoff plan for your debt, potentially secure lower APRs and get expert advice from Trim’s financial coaches.
  • The Bill Negotiation Service is also available on a case-by-case basis if you don’t want to sign up for the premium service. With à la carte bill negotiations, Trim charges 33% of your total annual savings for one year. So, if the service saves you $20 per month for 12 months ($240 in total savings), your fee would be $79.20. Furthermore, if Trim doesn’t save you money, then you don’t pay any fees.

Want more information about this app and how it could potentially save you money? Check out the full Trim review on Slickdeals.

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Truebill is another online financial service that may lower your expenses in a number of ways. Customers can use Truebill to manage their subscriptions, reduce bills and optimize their spending. The service is reported to save customers an average of 20% on telecom bills and up to 30% on utility bills.

Truebill may also be able to save you money on your utility bills in some unique ways. For example, if electric services are deregulated where you live, Truebill can shop around to help you find the best rate.

Like similar apps, Truebill comes in a free version and a premium version that features more bells and whistles.

Truebill Free Version

You can download a free version of the Truebill app for both Apple and Android. But if you want to use the service to negotiate your bills, you must first agree to give Truebill 40% of any savings it secures for you.

Truebill Premium Version

Depending on the features you want, Truebill Premium costs between $3 and $12 per month. Your premium membership may include dedicated chat support, balance syncing, subscription cancelation, unlimited budgets, Smart Savings plans and more. A premium Truebill membership will also include monitoring your accounts for late or overdraft fees and asking for refunds on your behalf.

Other Truebill Services

  • The Bill Negotiation Service through Truebill comes with additional fees, even as a premium member. You’ll pay 40% on the first year’s savings when Truebill successfully lowers your bill. So, if the service saves you $20 per month for 12 months ($240 in total savings), your fee would be $96. However, you don’t owe additional fees if the service doesn’t negotiate a lower bill.
  • The Outage Refund Service is a unique way that Truebill may be able to save you money where other apps can’t. Truebill watches for cable and internet outages in your area and can ask for bill credits on your behalf if they occur. When successful, Truebill will charge you 40% of the credit it secures for you.
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BillShark and its performance-based pricing model may appeal to you if you like the idea of a bill negotiation service without a set monthly fee. With this financial app, you pay nothing unless the service successfully reduces your bill or cancels a subscription on your behalf.

Free App

To begin, you can download the BillShark app or create a free account online. From there you can send in copies of any bills you want the service to negotiate for you. However, if you send in your bills and they’re assigned to a negotiations specialist, be prepared to pay the fees below.

BillShark Negotiation Services and Fees

BillShark charges a one-time fee for negotiation services. The fee is equal to 40% of any savings the service secures for you, capped at 24 months even if the savings apply to a longer timeframe. For example, if BillShark saves you $20 per month for 24 months ($480 in total savings), you would receive an invoice for $192. After you pay BillShark, you would still come out ahead by $288. According to the company, it’s successful 90% of the time it negotiates on a customer’s behalf.

Subscription Cancellation Services

BillShark also offers to cancel services on your behalf. To take advantage of this feature, you will pay a flat rate of $25 per cancellation request.

The Bottom Line

The potential money you can save may make the fees for the financial apps above worthwhile, especially if you take advantage of multiple features. But you might be able to save more if you successfully negotiate with your creditors and service providers on your own without paying for outside help.

Of course, if you’ve been putting off these money-saving actions or if you’re not confident in your bill negotiation skills, paying one of the services above to work on your behalf is worth considering. While these three apps may not be a perfect solution for everyone, they have the potential to help you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year on your bills.


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