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Amazon has launched an exclusive promotional offer tailored for select Citi cardholders (Citi is a Slickdeals partner). This limited-time deal presents an exceptional opportunity for eligible users to unlock substantial savings of $10 off purchases of $10.01 from Amazon, amplifying the value of their shopping experience. 

While not all Citi cardholders will qualify for this offer, if you have a Citi card, you have nothing to lose by checking to see if you've been included.

Here are all the details you'll need to cash in on this offer.

How to Claim Promotion

Citi promotion on Amazon


To take advantage of this promotion, Citi cardholders need to go through the following process:

  • Access the Offer Page: To access this exclusive deal, first navigate to the dedicated promotional page provided by Amazon.
  • Link Your Citi Card: Add your eligible Citi card to your Amazon account.
  • Meet the Spending Threshold: To access the discount, users must select items totaling $10.01.
  • Apply the Promotional Code: Finally, make sure you use your Citi card as payment for the purchase, and input discount code 24CITIH1 during checkout. If you don’t use the code, you won’t see the $10 promo applied.

If you've successfully completed all the above steps, you should see the $10 off reflected on the final order page. If you don't, it's possible the items did not qualify for the discount. Slickdeals user NaPra advises, "Only items sold and shipped by Amazon will receive this discount."

While this certainly cuts down your options a little, as another Slickdeals user keenly observed, gift cards sold by Amazon qualify. This means you could simply purchase a $10.01 gift card for Amazon, Starbucks or another store of your choosing.

As previously stated, not all Citi cardholders qualify for this offer. However, if you're interested in applying for a new Citi card, here are a few options to consider:

Navigating Offer Limitations

While this is a fairly open-ended offer, there are (of course) some terms and conditions to keep in mind. Firstly, as mentioned above, all items in your order need to be shipped and sold by Amazon.

Additionally, Slickdeals user experiences also reveal account-specific limitations, as lamented by nicedog: "It's account specific, if one Amazon account ever used [a] Citi offer in the past then that account is not eligible.” 

There are a few other things to keep in mind as well: 

  • The promotion is scheduled to conclude on 6/7/2024 or upon reaching 15,000 redemptions, underscoring its exclusivity and time-sensitive nature.
  • Eligibility criteria are stringent, with access granted exclusively through invitation and non-transferable privileges.
  • Participants are limited to a single redemption per customer.

Bottom Line

Amazon's exclusive deal for Citi cardholders represents a solid value for eligible participants. $10 off a purchase of $10.01 might not be a life-changing discount, but it is essentially free money. And at Slickdeals, “free” is one of our favorite words. Savvy consumers should definitely take advantage of this discount offer from Amazon while it lasts.


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