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Amex Uber Cash Credits: What They Are and How They Work

Certain American Express credit cards offer an annual benefit in the form of Uber Cash credits. This benefit can be used to pay for Uber rides, food delivery, and more.

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Since its launch in 2009, Uber has grown from a little-known app offering cab-like services in select cities, to a worldwide platform with more than 118 million annual users. With ride-sharing, food delivery, and even freight services now available through Uber, the app makes life more convenient for users everywhere.

Using Uber especially makes sense if you also carry select American Express credit cards. That’s because certain cards offer Uber Cash benefits to cardholders, giving you free money that you can use toward Uber rides, meals, and more throughout the year.

Here’s a look at what Uber Cash credits are, which American Express cards offer them, and how to maximize this card benefit. 

What is the Amex Uber Credit?

Uber drop off and pick up

The American Express® Gold Card and The Platinum Card® from American Express offer card members an annual Uber Cash benefit to use towards Uber purchases. This includes Uber rides, UberEats food delivery orders and delivery fees, and more, as long as Uber Cash is accepted and those services are available in your area.

This Amex credit is automatically added to the cardmember’s Uber account in monthly increments, where it can be used on any eligible Uber transactions that month.

How to Claim the Amex Uber Cash Credit

To get Amex Uber Cash deposited into your Uber account and receive your benefit deposit each month:

  1. Verify you have an eligible card: You’ll need to first ensure that you’re carrying a card that offers the benefit (and that your account is in good standing). As of writing, the only two American Express cards with an Uber benefit are the American Express Gold Card and the American Express Platinum Card, both of which do come with an annual fee.
  2. Add your card as payment to your Uber account: Add your eligible Amex card as a payment method in your existing Uber account. This step must be completed by 12 a.m. ET on the first day of the month in which you want to receive the credits

American Express Platinum Card

If you have an American Express Platinum Card, you’ll receive up to $200 per year in Uber Cash benefits and automatic Uber VIP access that allows members to unlock extra savings and perks. The Uber Cash credit are deposited in monthly increments of $15, with a $20 bonus added in December (totaling $35 in credits that month). The credits can be used for Uber rides, UberEats food delivery orders, and other participating Uber services in the U.S.

American Express Gold Card

If you have an American Express Gold Card, you will receive up to $120 per year in Uber Cash benefits. These credits are deposited into your connected Uber account in monthly increments of $10, and can be used on U.S.-based Uber rides, UberEats orders, and other Uber services, as long as Uber Cash is accepted.

Ways to Use Your Amex Uber Cash

uber eats delivery

If you have an Uber Cash credit deposited into your Uber account, you can use it on various orders and purchases through the Uber app. Currently, Amex Uber credits can only be used in the U.S., and only where Uber Cash is accepted.


Your Amex Uber benefit is deposited into your Uber account monthly for use toward ridesharing. To use this credit, be sure that Uber Cash is turned on in your account. This ensures that any credits you have are automatically applied. You might also want to check that your Uber Cash credit is shown above the confirmation button when requesting a ride and adding a destination.

Your credit will then be applied to the cost of your ride after tapping “Confirm” to secure your ride. If this credit doesn’t cover the full ride cost, your primary payment choice listed on the account (whether that’s your American Express credit card or another payment method) will be charged to cover the difference.


If Uber Cash is turned on in your Uber app, your balance is applied to any UberEats orders placed from restaurants, shops, and even gas stations. Ensure that Uber Cash is activated above the confirmation button when placing your order; this balance will then be used to pay for your purchase. 

If you don’t have enough in Uber Cash to cover the full order, your primary payment method will be charged for any difference.

Groceries & Other Deliveries

In select markets, you can also use UberEats to order from grocery stores, gas stations, and even have alcohol delivered. If you would like to send a food delivery to someone else, you can use your Uber Cash credit for that purchase, as well.

Amex Uber Restrictions

There are a few restrictions to note, and some instances where your Amex Uber credit perks can’t be used.

  • Benefits limited to one Uber account: If you have more than one authorized user on your American Express credit card account, the annual Uber Cash credit is only deposited into one Uber account. Your Amex card can still be added to more than one Uber account as a payment method, but the credit will only be sent to the first Uber account that added the card.
  • Benefits not accessible through third-party apps: Your eligible American Express credit card must be added to your Uber account, directly, to receive and use the Uber Cash credit. If your card is added through a third-party app (such as ApplePay), the benefit won’t be deposited. 
  • Benefits not available with UberFAMILY: If you pay for your Uber orders through an UberFAMILY profile, the Amex benefit can’t be used.

However, there are no spending requirements, and you can apply your Amex benefit to as many transactions as you’d like each month until it’s expended.

Do Amex Uber Credits Expire?

mother and child getting into Uber

Even though you’re eligible for between $120 and $200 in annual Uber credits with either of the qualifying American Express credit cards, the benefit isn’t deposited all at once. You’ll instead receive your benefit in monthly installments, which are added to your linked Uber account on the first of each calendar month.

These monthly benefits expire on the last day of each month (specifically, at 11:59 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time) and don’t roll over to the next month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Amex Uber credits roll over if you don’t use them?

No, unused credits don’t roll over. Monthly Amex Uber Cash credits deposited into your account expire at 11:59 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time on the last day of that month. These credits must be applied to transactions completed in that month, or they’ll expire.

How do I access my Uber credits?

You must first add your qualifying card to your Uber account as a payment method to access the credit. Your monthly Amex benefit is automatically deposited into your linked Uber account at the beginning of each calendar month. To use those credits, ensure that Uber Cash is turned on in the app. This automatically applies any credit balance you have toward your eligible transactions.

What if my Amex Uber Cash isn’t showing up?

Verify whether you’ve already used your monthly credit by looking at your Uber Cash “Transactions” in your Uber app wallet. Also, confirm that your Amex card account is in good standing since accounts that are canceled or are past due are ineligible for the credit. If you believe that your Uber Cash credit is still missing, contact the Amex member support phone number on the back of your card for assistance.

Can I use my Amex Uber Cash for an Uber One membership?

Yes, you can use Amex Uber Cash credits to offset your monthly Uber One membership subscription cost. If you don’t have enough Uber Cash to cover the membership charge, a secondary payment method is required.

How can I check my Amex Uber credits?

To check your available Uber Cash credits, launch the Uber app, tap on “Account”, and then tap “Wallet”. At the top of the screen, you’ll see your total available Uber Cash balance.

Can I convert my Amex Uber credits to cash?

No. Amex Uber Cash credits can only be applied to eligible U.S. Uber rides, UberEats deliveries and other Uber services that accept Uber Cash. These credits expire at the end of each calendar month and can’t be converted to cash.

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